Hola !
I'm Thomas, a passionated mobile & web Ui Designer working in Palma de Mallorca.
I dedicate my time enjoying the island and designing at Kitmaker.

Selected Works

Let's have a tour through my work

Educationnal App
Freelance Work App design
App to watch videos and test your knowledge based on trainings provided by a training company.

blur - Public pages
Team Work Web design
Improving the website, in order to make it responsive and more efficient. Results has been checked by tracking the pages.

blur - Project Space
Team Work Web design
Working with a team of 12+ people on the creation of a web App at blur Group.

Quae - Mobile application
App design
Design concept with 3D modelisation for an healthcare app, based on the 4 elements theory.

Coming soon
blur - Brand Guideline

Building a consistent theme for blur Group, and declining it in different way (web pages, mail, banners, ads...)

Web design Front-end Dev
Designing and coding a website from A to Z using HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS and Jquery

Egg Odyssey
3D video
Short video made with Blender and After effect

3D Photoshop
Few illustrations for various projects

Sci-fi Theory
Web project

My Vision of Web Design

What make and good website and why?

icone clean

The work of a designer is also to take a moment to consider the purpose of each element and decide whether it is the best it can possibly be and if it can be made any clearer. Cleans and simple websites are much easier to understand for users, witch is to me the key of successfull designs. From my experience in webdesign, less is very often more.

icone clean

I believe that consistency, navigability, and simplicity are the keys of intuitive interfaces. It is what will direct people’s attention to tasks that are importants and make your website pleasant. There is many way to improve the intuivity of a website, it can be done simply by watching your users on your website and see where they have issues and why. Solving this issues will for sure help making your website a better place.

icone clean

The web design environment is constantly evolving at a really fast-pace, first because of the raise of new technology, but also because of the changes of users behavior. Modern website must now be accessible from all sort of devices, load fast and be easy and pleasant to use. A well-designed and modern website has to look good and work even better, in order to delivere to users the best experience.

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